Hi Nobe,

I hadn't noticed this reply. I'll give that a shot.

"You will have 2 too many commons in your device tree. Delete the one that you added " moto/android_device_motorola_qcom-common" and keep the original in its place. When downloading and adding the device tree from CM, you are going to have to rename that directory to the last phrase in the current name, if that makes since.

Extracted the zip it creates the folder name (android_device_motorola_qcom-common). You are going to have to rename to match (qcom-common) then place it in the root of the motorola directory. If the original one is still there you will have to remove it, don't delete it because you may need some parts, just take it out of the build directory completely.

I suspect it's something I've already tried at this point, but will be sure I have and thanks very much for the suggestion.

PS: I'm assuming you're talking about retaining some of the .mk or perhaps xml files? I can't see how they could be pointed to the correct place unless everyone on earth followed the no-hard-paths type rules Anyway, will let you know if I ever got past my current errors. I think that would be plenty to make me happy.