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    [ROM][AOSP] Eclipse - Manta - v5.0 buld 3 - 07/18/13 - Welcome to the Dark!!

    Welcome to Eclipse! Eclipse is 100% open sourced and based off of the latest 4.2.2 AOSP code.

    All firmware and kernel source can be found at:

    I would like add a special thanks to the following teams as I have used some of their work as an outline:
    Paranoid Android
    Slim Roms

    Eclipse features overview
    Eclipse mode toggle
    Eclipse rom is a holo dark theme natively. The Eclipse mode toggle changes from holo dark to a darker jet black look. Giving you the Eclipse darkness!

    General UI Features
    Choose between 5 different battery options
    Clock positions - right, center, hide
    Add date to clock
    Customize power widgets/toggles and quick settings tiles
    Pick notification led color
    T-Mobile theme engine
    CRT on and off toggle
    Ability to hide keyboard IME in status bar

    Navigation Bar
    Customize button layout
    Choose between several softkeys and actions
    Change key color
    Change glow color and speed
    Adjust the navigation bar height

    Lock screen options
    Customize hotseats
    CMs cLock clock/weather widget
    Display charging/discharging on lockscreen
    Customize lock screen wallpaper
    Allow lockscreen rotation
    Quick pin unlock
    Hide page hints (portrait mode)

    Misc Controls
    Volume rocker wake
    Volume rocker music controls
    Expandable sound menu
    Quiet hours
    Kill all recents option
    Notification drawer shortcuts
    Privacy guard
    Permissions manager

    For a changelog please visit:


    For Rom and Google Apps please visit:

    Donations are not expected but always greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting Elemental X!
    Follow me on Twitter @nitroglycerin33

    Elemental X Themes

    How to Install:
    1. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
    2. Flash Rom
    3. Flash Google Apps
    4. Enjoy

    Already Running an Elemental X/Eclipse build?
    1. Flash Rom
    2. Flash Google Apps
    3. Enjoy your updated build

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    build 2 is up!

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